Wee Winter Fest


Saturday, December 2nd, 2017, 11am-5pm  

This is your chance to tour 10 tiny homes from different builders, listen to guest speakers talk "tiny", eat, drink and let the kids play in our play area! Tickets are $10/person if purchased in advance or $15/person at the door.  Children under 10yo are free.

PURCHASE TICKETS:  https://weewinterfest2017.eventbrite.com
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SimBLISSity Tiny Homes is a family-owned business dedicated to building high-quality Tiny Homes on Wheels. We are located in “Bliss Canyon” near Boulder, Colorado, in the foothills of the spectacular Rocky Mountains.

Trailer Made is a full service design, fabrication and engineering firm specializing in tiny house trailer foundations, custom trailers, steel framing and erection.  We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service and quality of construction of your tiny house trailer project, recreational trailer, your commercial or residential construction project, so you’ll always be happy that you chose us.

Om Ah Homes is a family based tiny home construction company. Buddhist nun Kelsang Virya and her son Aaron Gehri are the primary builders and designers/dreamers of these homes with Stacy Gehri providing the financial expertise.  The name, Om Ah Homes, is based on the Buddhist mantra "OM AH HUM".  Mantras are vibration of syllables that resonant with the universe. "OM AH HUM" is connecting us to an enlightened being's body, speech, and mind; creating a pure world for us to live in.  We strive for this energy of resonance with the universe in each of our homes we build.  This creates a space where the dweller can reflect, meditate, or just call home that encourages development along your particular spiritual path.  

SteelGenix offers custom steel homes that are prefabricated based on the project’s specifications. Benefits of creating the ideal building to meet your requirements include the elimination of wasted square footage, energy efficiency and faster return on your investment.  All of our buildings are designed by certified professional engineers to ensure safety and compliance with all building codes. With a focus on service, price, quality, and a network of Authorized Builders serving all of North America, we are dedicated to providing a sophisticated metal building that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. 

The Tiny Home Connection offers a place to corroborate ideas, learn from professionals, get advice and help build the tiny house of their dreams and inspire others to follow their own. We offer Full Build Services, Consultations, DIY Build Sites, Workshops and more!


Tiny home owners are like no other and neither are our insurance policies. Whether you just need a policy for your non-traditional home or you are looking for something more comprehensive to cover all your insurance needs, we are here to help.  We can help with insurance for all types of non-traditional homes. We specialize in all shapes and sizes, but focus on tiny houses on wheels, small houses, cabins, DIY structures, yurts, park models, and more! Our comprehensive range of services. We offer a wide array of insurance policies to compliment your life.

Isabelle Nagel-Brice of A Tiny, Good Thing is a tiny house consultant, guiding people through the different phases of their builds. She has put together The Healthy Tiny House Kit with MainStream Corporation, which she offers to DIY and professional builders looking to build a clean and healthy tiny home. She focuses mainly on building techniques and principles that incorporate chemical free materials and Energy Recovery Ventilation units - which continuously refresh the air within the home. Additionally, she has partnered with various companies to add steel framing, solar, or even a natural sleep system to tiny homes. The products she recommends are high performance and the true new wave of the Tiny House Movement. 

Einstyne Tiny Homes is a small family-owned builder in the Denver, Colorado area. We take residential building codes and scale them down to make you the best tiny house shell that you can find. We build with wood, or steel to make a tiny house that will suit your needs. As experts in framing, alternative energy systems and tiny home design, we guarantee you will be happy with your build, and warranty our build!


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Guest Speakers:
11:30am: Kenyon Waugh, WeeCasa Tiny House Resort: "The WeeCasa Tiny House Ownership Program" 


12:15pm: Byron Fears, SimBLISSity Tiny Homes: "Successfully Choosing a Tiny Home Builder"  

Choosing a builder for your dream Tiny Home is no tiny task.  Finding the right builder that you can trust with manifesting your dreams is extremely important.  Your relationship with your builder may become very challenging if not approached correctly.  Byron will share the things to look for in a Tiny Home builder and the caution signs that may help you avoid a disappointment. 

1:00pm:  Damon DesChamp, Trailer Made Custom Trailers: "DIY Best Practices"

Damon will discuss DIY best practices for the classification of home you want to build based on zoning requirements for your particular location.

1:45pm:  Isabelle Nagel-Brice, A Tiny, Good Thing: "Building a Healthy Tiny House"

Isabelle is a tiny house consultant, guiding people through the different phases of their builds.  She has put together The Healthy Tiny House Kit with MainStream Corporation, which she offers to DIY and professional builders looking to build a clean and healthy tiny home. She will speak on tiny house building techniques related to green-building materials, proper ventilation, steel framing, reclaiming materials, and more cutting edge aspects of the Tiny House Movement. She will hold a Q&A at the end of her talk to encourage further discussion and participation. 

2:30pm: Kelsang Virya, Om Ah Homes: "The Art of Downsizing"

Learn about downsizing and minimizing your life through various practical and psychological processes.  Downsizing is more of an art than a simple exercise in eliminating stuff.  She will walk you through the actual ongoing process of downsizing your life from her own experience with it.

3:15pm:  Mat Kasper:  "Tiny Home Building Process & Creative Financing"

Mat will address Trailer Made's trailer financing, Home Depot project loans, partnerships and private loans, and WeeCasa's profit sharing program. All tools that are available to help make building and owning a tiny house manageable from a financial perspective.


On-site parking is limited, so carpooling is strongly encouraged.  

This is an outdoor event and will be held rain, shine or snow!  Please dress appropriately for the weather.  

Sorry, no pets.